He is the artist
and you
are only the picture.
You can’t see it.

quietly submit
to be painted—

C.S. Lewis




video + motion.


design + layout.



I'm Patrick McGuire.


I have been a creative arts director for nearly a decade. Most of my work has been about communication and community building. This has pushed me to learn to create in whatever medium is needed to reach people.

I love gathering many voices around the table. I like to get lots of input on the front end of a project before we even begin. I need to know what we're trying to accomplish and who our audience is.

Once the mission is clear, I can assemble the team.

I enjoy collaborating with creative people, both professionals and amateurs. I've enlisted their assistance on everything from graphic design, to camera operation, to live broadcast production.

My job has always been to cast a vision for them - a game plan and an end goal. And to do the work alongside them. I've found that with some clarity, passion, and kindness, you can achieve a lot more than you expected.

If you're interested in my help for your team, please contact me at: